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Spectate Marketing is a cutting edge marketing platform that enhances your email, social media, and web connected marketing by automating several processes from one easy to use dashboard.

This is more than just another place to store your contacts. Spectate’s platform allows your business to collate and maintain one comprehensive contact list, create and send seamless campaigns, send and receive texts and multimedia messages, make live phone calls right from your web browser, and send our patent pending ringless voicemail messages. You can also integrate your existing systems and export files to your non-marketing programs; The limit truly does not exist! Spectate takes the guesswork out of generating new meaningful leads and allows you to seamlessly communicate with any and all of your contacts.

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What Does Spectate Do For You? Simplify. Execute. Produce.

Spectate simplifies your business marketing needs. Spectate offers Dynamic services like two-way SMS, SMS auto-responders, live and pre-recorded two-way phone calls, emails, click to call widgets, drip campaigns, and patent pending ringless voicemails. Spectate helps you execute your business seamlessly by staying in constant communication with your contacts, generating new meaningful leads on a regular basis. Spectate’s integrated platforms allow your business to produce at an optimal percentage, growing your business and increasing your potential for leads and increased revenue.

  • Lead Generation

    Eliminate worry around generating leads or creating better contacts lists. Spectate has built-in lead generation through Google Business, Yelp, newly generated domain leads, and connections through your Facebook ads.

  • Ringless Voicemail

    Send a pre-recorded audio message directly to voicemail without the associated telephone ringing first with our patent pending Voicemail Drop feature.

  • Mass SMS

    Send and receive SMS messages through our web messaging platform. Specate’s cutting edge system uses both outbound (Mobile Terminated) and inbound (Mobile Originated) to create one seamless, easy to use communication tool.

  • Two-way Phone Calls

    In Spectate’s Two-Way Calling feature, you can send and receive audio calls, which are recorded and archived for your convenience in the call log section of your dashboard.

  • Professional IVR's

    Spectate’s Professional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system allows you to create an interactive and fully automated phone system that will accurately route calls to the appropriate recipient.

  • Two-way Email

    Manage and collate business emails in one location allowing you to create marketing campaigns, interact with new and existing clients, and organize your business email.

  • SMS Auto-responders

    Set it and forget it auto-response to SMS messages are available through our SMS Auto-Responder feature. Clients can request real-time business or product information via text anytime and get a response that adequately addresses their needs.

  • Sales Bridge

    Efficiently leverage your professional network and build relationships with your leads through this systematic approach to the development and organization of sales which is completely customized to your business.

  • Drip Campaigns

    Craft a stellar email marketing strategy that will lead you to consistent growth with Spectate’s Drip Campaigns feature. Send a series of emails at specific times and dates by fully automating the process.

Get a Toll Free Or Local Number Make your small business look bigger, national, and more established.

Need a Business Number? Get A Business Number with Spectate

Whether you need one business number or need to manage multiple business numbers, Spectate’s all-in-one platform allows you to generate and manage all of your business numbers from one easy to use dashboard.

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Why We’re So Special!

There are many competitors in the market who require you to build your own application on top of their system. However, we are proud to be your final destination and provide you with a fully functional software to build and manage all your marketing needs.

  • "These guys have great customer service! All interactions I have had were super positive and timely. I recommend them."

    Austin Gwaltney

    Las Vegas, Nevada
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    🙌 The Best IVR Out 🙌"

    Maseo Smith

    Columbus, Ohio
  • "cant beat this for the price and features! Cant wait to see all the new features as well. Every business should have this in use."

    Lance Watters

    San Diego, California
  • "Awesome tool that does waaayyy more than you need. Try to find another tool that does half of what it does, you cant."

    Jamie Williams

    Columbus, Ohio
  • "Love the platform which way many features than their competitors at a fraction of cost !!"

    Naveen Dhana Lak

    Chennai, India
  • "All in one software. Amazing features."

    Fatima Al-mazrui

    Indianapolis, Indiana

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You can be a solopreneur with a start-up, brick & mortar, a small agency or a standard sized organization, our price suits everyone's need. Find the plan that best fits your needs!

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